This world is beautiful.

I hope I can be someone to help people realize this.


Clouds are weird yo.

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Spectacular Genetic Anomaly Results in Butterflies with Male and Female Wings

Bilateral gynandromorphism in butterflies. The presence of both female (gyn-) and male (andro-) genetic characteristics give rise to an asymmetric half-male-half-female phenotype


Alessandra Sulpy

From Toys & Chimeras

1. Sunshine, Lollipop and Rainbow Come For a Visit

2.Watching a Washing

3. Cooking Up

4. Choices

5. Come on In! 

6. Chimera Chase 

7.Futura 67

Negroli, Filippo (fl.1532-51)

Armoured breastplate (metal),  Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence, Italy

The Bridgeman Art Library

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The Warren

8x10” Ink and Watercolor on Paper

I really like this

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